keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Part 2 of my bad week turns out to be that when I got home from work (1.5 hours late due to a meeting) and tried to turn on my car, it would not turn on. This is highly ironic considering I had just made an appointment for my 30,000 mile service. I am currently waiting for warranty-covered roadside assistance to come give me a jump. My main triumph of the past 12 hours is not letting this overshadow everything else good, and not succumbing to my immediate reaction which would have been, a few years ago, to freak out completely, cry, and be a total bitch.

Book club last night was awesome and hilarious. 8 nominations for long nonfiction!!! I'll post the winner later in peril_book_club.
Tags: book club, car
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