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This weekend we watched about 4 episodes of "Ask This Old House" which we love. We love making fun of their accents, we love making fun of how easy everything is for them, and we love entertaining the idea that we might improve our house in some way ever at all. (And I have a major crush on Roger Cook, and we love joking about how if they came to help us with something I'd run off with him.) Anyways, one of the recent eps was about energy efficiency! Great, we got lots of tips on things to improve. One of the easiest ones is that they said that most hot water heaters are set on a far too high temperature! It's using too much energy heating all that water to that temperature, surely you can turn it down a few notches.

I am sure you can see where this is going. I did, in fact, take a COLD shower this morning. Not getting the week off to a good start. At all.

As a further result of all this passive home improvement, we ran around the house and took pictures of everything we want to fix. And it's really daunting. I loaded them onto flickr, in case I pick out some things to send to the ATOH guys as questions. I feel like our house is a wreck now! And the final result? Jack finally hung my stained glass lamp instead of the boring lamp that was in the dining area. He was a total hero this weekend.

In related news, I spent 6 hours at Dr. Dremo's Saturday night to play 30 minutes of music. That sounds bitterer than it is. I had a good time except for the smoke. I am trying to get over a cold and a bronchial infection here, people! ...It was a long night. But the other bands that played with us were really enjoyable and I find that watching other musicians play gives me more and more reward and joy. It was (almost 99% sure) our last gig with Olya as bassist. *snif*

Sunday was spent in mostly leisurely fashion, as I was beat from getting in at 3am the previous night. I did arrange to get my car in for service (30,000 miles, aww) and do some dishes... but apart from that the house is still a disaster area, and may in fact be even MORE of a disaster area than it was, particularly since the drum kit was tossed back in the library willy-nilly. I will spare you my TV updates but for this: Moonlight is awesome and shut up.

Tonight is the Club of Books. Hope to see a few of you there. :)
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