keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

So I got sick. I thought I was having allergies yesterday, but no. I knew around 5pm when the sore throat hits. UGH.

As a result I have had several WACKY ass dreams while I try to sleep it off:

The first one I don't remember all that great but it woke me up SCREAMING and scared the poop out of Jack. There was some kind of long story and large public restrooms and a custodian who was really creepy and kept touching me and a murderer who I thought was from a previous dream who I either recognized from his bag, or his car, or his bag was driving down the street like a car. Anyways it was the creepy old custodian who wouldn't stop touching me who made me scream and Jack felt bad because he'd been trying to wake me up, so he thought HE made me scream.

There was another dream I forgot, which was also weird.

Then after the third time I went back to sleep I was trapped in some kind of mystical pyramid place and I had a bag full of secret gadgets and a faithful canine companion and we somehow escaped but didn't take any of the treasure and I hid out in a dingy apartment in a downtown I've never seen before. At some point I tried to drink out of a glass which broke in my mouth and I was trying to find a way to dispose of the shards and I kept picking up the ones that fell on the floor and putting them in my mouth to carry them away somewhere. Eventually I wrapped them all up in napkins and took them to a Chipotle to throw them away.

There was a WHOLE LOT MORE I've already forgotten. Thanks, random cold virus.
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