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the answers to my quiz, and a notice

NOTICE: I updated the book club web page with the current information.

1. I'm so glad that Indiana Jones won the "which Harrison Ford" vote. Although kudos to malkyne for an even better answer...

2. Here are the answers to your questions, I hope you remember them. :)

snidegrrl - Because I want attention, I guess.
kittykatya - I think I put it on the bedpost once when I was a kid, and it did.
cheetahmaster - Yeah, that's me. Hadn't you seen that pic before?
painkiller - I dressed up as Sailor Moon for Katsucon 2. Hence the pic.
examorata - Yes, I want one very badly.
malkin - At this point, I think my earliest memory is of leaving the room when an episode of the Dukes of Hazzard came on where someone tied a bomb around someone's neck, and it scared me so bad I couldn't sleep. I was probably about 4 or 5.
dharshai - I'd be a pyramid, because that's the oldest thing of that sort I can think of.
devolutionary - Nope. Well, I bite one, and leave the other 9 alone.
bronzemountain - A God that understands my sense of aesthetics.
geniealisa - First, check out the FAQ which I bet you already have. Second, the main one I have heard of is the Hung Jury. Around you, I'd have to do some more internet searching... sigh. There are 22 "gay/lesbian" bars on the Post site and I think 21 of them should simply be called "PENISLAND". Because I guess you're right, the lesbians are somewhere stapling pamphlets and walking dogs. I suggest next time you come up, bring your dogs and go for a walk around DuPont circle. ;) Oh, and the bisexuals? They're out having sex, clearly, because they all live charmed lives and can have sex with whoever they want, which always works out for them of course. Or, no, better, they're hiding because they don't fit in with either group and when they get a significant other everyone lumps them in that category and assumes they've forgotten about being bi altogether. (For those of you who know me, and are going, did we treat you weird or something? i'm just saying that little bitter jokey comment was not at the expense of anyone here on LJ.)
korangar - I don't think I've found it. Not yet.

3. I can't believe I'm the only person that voted motorcycle. I still can't decide - which means I probably won't end up saving my money. SIGH.

I'd also like to point out that since I missed all of Capital Pride week, maybe I can make it to some of Baltimore Pride week.

Friday, June 14
Fells Point Pride Night
600-800 Broadway

Saturday, June 15
Parade & Block Party
Mount Vernon neighborhood
Parade begins at 5 p.m.
Party begins at 6 p.m.


( 9 comments — Leave a comment )
Jun. 9th, 2002 04:29 am (UTC)
Jun. 9th, 2002 11:56 am (UTC)
Re: yeee-HAH
I was a Fornicator. I put the quiz on my own journal instead of replying, like a dummy. D'oh!
Jun. 9th, 2002 06:06 pm (UTC)
Re: yeee-HAH
You whore!

Don't forget June 13th... Washington Social club. I promise you a good time.
Jun. 9th, 2002 09:43 pm (UTC)
Re: yeee-HAH
do we have to buy tickets in advance or anything like that?
Jun. 10th, 2002 03:45 am (UTC)
Re: yeee-HAH
oh no no no. It's just at a bar.
Jun. 10th, 2002 03:48 am (UTC)
Re: yeee-HAH
which bar? people are also hitting Heaven that night. i was wondering if it would be a multiple-stop night out or not. :)
Jun. 10th, 2002 03:52 am (UTC)
Re: yeee-HAH
*sigh* no one ever remembers anything I say...

It's at the Grog and Tankard on Wisconsin and yes, it is supposed to be a multi-stop night, with Heaven as the multi-stop.
Jun. 10th, 2002 03:55 am (UTC)
Re: yeee-HAH
I'm sorry. :( I have a really bad memory sometimes. Please forgive me?
Jun. 10th, 2002 03:58 am (UTC)
Re: yeee-HAH
well ok, but only because I like you.
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