keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Big exam tuesday. Despite the fact that I have been bragging like mad about how smart I am, I need to study tonight. What is good study food?

Last night's dream was clearly housecleaning:
I was taking a long shower in a really sunlit room. People kept coming in to talk to me, which was fine, because I was on some field trip or community activity and I felt comfortable with everyone. But then this old guy with a long beard and an eyepatch? or glasses? got in the shower with me fully clothed, so I decided to stop showering. I got on a bus with everyone and they took us back to what seemed like Norfolk Academy's campus; something was wrong with my pants so this (cute, dykey, sandy-blond-haired) girl (She looked a bit like River Phoenix) told me I could get some pants out of her car. She had a rough story and was working two or three jobs. I came back from her car and found out she was working at a sausage shop run by a bunch of frat-looking guys. She was cooking and dousing with ketchup these HUGE sausages. Someone standing near me in the crowd waiting for sausages said under their breath "wow, she is amazing". I mumbled an agreement.

Freud can make of that last bit what he will.
Tags: dream, food
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