keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Man. It feels like the weekend just started. Can I have another Sunday, please?

Friday was hanging out time with omphaloskepsis; I was worried that I would not keep her entertained but I hardly needed to worry. Saturday = drum lesson + lunch with oontzgrrl + cheetahmaster party time. Today I had band practice (and bought a bass amp, just fyi in case you were thinking "I want to be in her band but I don't have a bass amp!) and then did studying. Then I lost myself in television, because my brain was jelly. I really loved this weekend and all my time with my friends. I am consistently amazed at how smart and excellent my friends are. The only thing I didn't love about my weekend was the parts where I was a lazy layabout. And the fact that my back problems seem to be making a reappearance. Don't like that, and I'm neglecting it because it's not bad enough yet.

- My Year of Flops on one of my most favoritest flops ever, The Apple.
- Are you a musician who's jealous of what writers have in Nanowrimo? Well here's something for you: Nasoalmo!

I guess I have less links than I thought. I'm so tired. I go read now.
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