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This past weekend plans went off without a hitch, at least on saturday. We enjoyed the Big Flea (noting that people who rip apart old books and matte the pictures in them make a killing!!), made it to Sunflower where much fake meat was consumed, and then arrived in the nick of time to see Der Golem. For those who attended and enjoyed the music, I think John is going to upload the tracks or sell CDs on cafepress, FYI. Sunday was less on target as my classmates bailed on me and I spent 2 hours at the library studying alone.

I've gone ahead and made a LJ feed from my Twitter account so you can be privy to the 140-characters-or-less witticisms or complaints or what have you that I generally send from my phone when I'm trapped. I doubt any of you will add it to your friends list, but there it is!

And now something you guys can help me with: I have an overabundance of furniture (and other things) (but for now, chairs). I am ready to part with two of my kitschier finds which take up a little too much space in our small house. So, if you are interested, please consider taking one or both of these chairs into your home:

1. The Barrel Chair Yes, a chair made from a barrel. Only downside is that it's heavy.

2. The Faux Eames Chair Pretty Self-Explanatory. Lacks footrest. Has a few scratches.

Please, someone, give them a new home.

In band news: Our bassist, my friend from rock camp Olya, is leaving. She is moving to San Fran, and her house sold within a few days of being on the market, so that's not going to delay her. As of December the Jelly Sharks will be looking for a new bassist. Any bassists out there want to be in a band? Anyone want to learn the bass really quick? I am worried I will soon be the only girl in the band.

I am trying to figure out a way to make it so that I will pay bills on time. I need a system that promotes timeliness - I have the online thing going on making it easier, but I seem to get around to it every other month, instead of every month. I am still loath to set up automatic payments for fear of a spiralling miserable overdraft situation, unless someone convinces me otherwise. Maybe I'll try putting a monthly thing on my google calendar? If only I could access that from work. *dark looks* If any of you have bothered to read to this point, how do you ensure that you pay your bills on time?

Finally, I now have 2 401ks I need to roll over into my new 401k and I am discombobulated about how to do this. I should be worried that the Qwest one is going to asplode soon and make me pay taxes... I wonder why it hasn't yet? Has anyone successfully rolled over a 401k? What should I expect in the way of obstacles?



Nov. 8th, 2007 06:29 pm (UTC)
Full disclosure - I still end up being a month late with some frequency on gas or electric bills.

Credit card bill was the one that was painful when I was late whether it be for late charges or finance charges, so I came up with a two step process so this wouldn't bite me in the ass anymore. So since we charge almost everything we buy (we do this so we can better track what we spend money on and match it up with our budget) I know I will have at least $250 to pay every month - which is normally quite similar to the minimum payment amount. So - I set up an autopay through my bank for $250 at the first of the month. This way I never ever get a late fee. Next I set up a cron job (but google calendar reminder works too) to mail me about 10 days before my credit card payment was due. Then I just have to keep the discipline to react to that email as soon as I get it and pay my bill online through my bank.

Like Jeanne, I have auto pay from my bank for the bills that cost the same every month like phone and cable. And gas and electric I do with my credit card or when I remember - which is why I still end up late on those sometimes. I don't like giving other companies access to my bank account, cause it freaks me out, but as Fred mentioned, we might start using the quicken method.
Nov. 9th, 2007 03:18 am (UTC)
With my bank I use the online billpay but I think they just mail an actual check, because I have to put in th address. So nobody really has access to my bank account.