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This past weekend plans went off without a hitch, at least on saturday. We enjoyed the Big Flea (noting that people who rip apart old books and matte the pictures in them make a killing!!), made it to Sunflower where much fake meat was consumed, and then arrived in the nick of time to see Der Golem. For those who attended and enjoyed the music, I think John is going to upload the tracks or sell CDs on cafepress, FYI. Sunday was less on target as my classmates bailed on me and I spent 2 hours at the library studying alone.

I've gone ahead and made a LJ feed from my Twitter account so you can be privy to the 140-characters-or-less witticisms or complaints or what have you that I generally send from my phone when I'm trapped. I doubt any of you will add it to your friends list, but there it is!

And now something you guys can help me with: I have an overabundance of furniture (and other things) (but for now, chairs). I am ready to part with two of my kitschier finds which take up a little too much space in our small house. So, if you are interested, please consider taking one or both of these chairs into your home:

1. The Barrel Chair Yes, a chair made from a barrel. Only downside is that it's heavy.

2. The Faux Eames Chair Pretty Self-Explanatory. Lacks footrest. Has a few scratches.

Please, someone, give them a new home.

In band news: Our bassist, my friend from rock camp Olya, is leaving. She is moving to San Fran, and her house sold within a few days of being on the market, so that's not going to delay her. As of December the Jelly Sharks will be looking for a new bassist. Any bassists out there want to be in a band? Anyone want to learn the bass really quick? I am worried I will soon be the only girl in the band.

I am trying to figure out a way to make it so that I will pay bills on time. I need a system that promotes timeliness - I have the online thing going on making it easier, but I seem to get around to it every other month, instead of every month. I am still loath to set up automatic payments for fear of a spiralling miserable overdraft situation, unless someone convinces me otherwise. Maybe I'll try putting a monthly thing on my google calendar? If only I could access that from work. *dark looks* If any of you have bothered to read to this point, how do you ensure that you pay your bills on time?

Finally, I now have 2 401ks I need to roll over into my new 401k and I am discombobulated about how to do this. I should be worried that the Qwest one is going to asplode soon and make me pay taxes... I wonder why it hasn't yet? Has anyone successfully rolled over a 401k? What should I expect in the way of obstacles?



Nov. 8th, 2007 04:25 pm (UTC)
regarding bills...
Because money is tight and I can't always pay the bills as they come in, I do this: As they arrive each month I write the due date and amount on the outside of the envelope. I then tuck them away into the "bill" cubbyhole of my desk. As new ones come in I put them in chronological order. That way the one that's due the soonest is on top. Generally then I just look from time to time to see if anything is due soon, at which point I pull out all the ones due for a bout a five day period and send them out. And repeat.

It's not totally fool-proof, but it usually works well for me. I do also have some utilities and such on auto-pay because it's just easier that way. But I only do this if they will continue to notify me in paper, so I don't overdraw my account. (Other than my mortgage which is auto-pay as well, but large enough I don't think I'll ever forget it!)
Nov. 9th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
Re: regarding bills...
Hrm - that's sort of like what I do now, but I put off looking at the cubbyhole too long. I need to go high tech. :)