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wish i was inspired

well, i am inspired, but tghat's different. what i mean here is that i wish i was inspired to write something deep and meaningful about my week. i could give a review of the events, but that doesn't really give the full impression. thursday night i did get toi have THE CHEESE DIP again, and telf and i decided that yes, going to nation would benefit our persons somehow, so we got all made up and went. it was a good four hour run there and i danced like mad. i danced to the poitn of being sore the next morning. i think telf had a good time, despite a run in with some old guy hitting on her. she should have just told him to fuck off, but sometimes that seems rude even though the guy is being approximately equivalently rude.

during lunch on friday bizarrojack and i got a call from vexed and she stopped in and we all went back to my place to watch me, well actually jack, install my new modem since mine got friend in the thunderstorm. then we caught up with examorata and msteleute and lars to see insomnia which i hated but everyone else liked. i am just not an al pacino fan, it seems clear. we hit the diner and then went back to rockville to dye mstelute's hair.

it was just pointed out to me that in an earlier post i mixed up trancers and scanners. DOH!

anyways, what i'm saying is that i thought i might have a shitty weekend and i so am not having that. hoping to catch up with the rest of the crowd tonight; we shall see.
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