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I got my hair done yesterday! I love it. I took a picture, but it doesn't do it justice in the artificial light so I'm not even linking to it.

I continue to be too cool for school, if by cool I mean the giant nerd who has an A++. I have to hide the grades on my paper as she hands it back because the other students will berate me volubly. What is the secret to my success? I, you know, read things, and have been for a good 28 years. I am convinced this is the main or only difference between me and my classmates. They appear to just have not read things. Every fact I know or concept I grasp that is tangential to class but constitutes a ++ knowledge of the subject is something I learned from reading it somewhere. Imagine that.

TV updates:
Heroes - I am slightly bored by this at the moment. Too many stories, too fractured, too many characters being too stupid. You know it's bad when I most enjoy the Sylar scenes. But, I know there is probably more fun to come and will of course keep watching - I just might play DS at the same time.
Beauty and the Geek - I am far less sure that most of the geeks were faking it (still confident that the male beauty is playing dumb, however) but most of the nicer people have been kicked off. I have decided that Shay is a saint, because she is so nice to Joshua and he is so clearly the "off the charts, unhelpable" geek this season.
Pushing Daisies - The Halloween ep was fantastic. I have been reserving comment because things were a little too twee for even me so far, but I am warming up to it. Also, Lee Pace has my undying affection. Move over, Milo!
Moonlight - Jack says: "I don't get it, his hand is made of vampire too, so how does holding it up to shield him from the sun help?" This show could not be more reminiscent of Forever Knight if it tried, though it does kind of need a Schanke. Alex O'Loughlin has a certain charm which brings the whole endeavor just over the 'watchable' mark, plus: Mo' Dohring! Mo' Dohring!

This weekend I spent a bunch of time being lazy, but also attended the Patterson Park lantern parade (dressed as a cowgirl - I am waiting for freakscout to post pics!) and Sunday Jack convinced me to sit still long enough to watch A Few Good Men which was about as good as everyone said.
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