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Friday Random 20

All week, the iPod has been doing a great job of matching the somber & rainy mood and my needs for quiet concentration. Today it has failed so far pretty thoroughly. REO Speedwagon? Big Time? Hrmf. Let's see what the next random 20 gives us...

1. I Know What I Like (Live Archive version) - Genesis

When the sun beats down and I lie on the bench,
I can always hear them talk.
Me, I’m just a lawnmower - you can tell me by the way I walk.

2. Changes IV - Cat Stevens

Don't you feel the day is coming
That will stay and remain
When your children see the answers
That you saw the same

3. ...Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All - Brand X


4. Woman, Woman - Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

A woman wears a certain look
When she is on the move
And a man can always tell what's on her mind

5. White Pearl, Black Oceans... - Sonata Arctica

Love can be like poetry of demons, or maybe
God loves complex irony?
The family name stated I had seen before...
Written on her front door...

6. Dog's Life - Gentle Giant

Pat him on the head, give the dog a bone;
Use a friendly tone, he won't leave you alone.
No one understands like old faithful.

7. Cyklonmannen - Rikard Sjoblom


8. The Wreck of the Arthur Lee - Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians

How often have you boys said
"I ain't gonna bump no more."
"We ain't gonna bump no more."

9. In The Cage - Genesis

If I could change to liquid,
I could fill the cracks up in the rocks.
I know that I am solid
And I am my own bad luck.

10. A Day in the Life - Brian Auger & the Trinity


11. King Henry - Steeleye Span

And this was seen of King Henry
Though he lay quite alone,
For he's taken him to a haunted hall
Seven miles from the town.

12. We Will Become Silhouettes - The Shins

I wanted to walk through the empty streets
With something constant under my feet,
But all the news reports recommended that I stay indoors

13. A New Day Yesterday (live) - Jethro Tull

Oh I want to see you soon
But I wonder how
It was a new day yesterday
But its an old day now.

14. Shadow Cabinet - The Church

Hear the difference between close and near
The way oaths and oafs interfere
Bliss comes first as a jangling flood

15. Here Comes the Flood - Peter Gabriel

If again the seas are silent
in any still alive
It'll be those who gave their island to survive
Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry.

16. Jocko Homo - Devo

God made man
But he used the monkey to do it
Apes in the plan
Were all here to prove it

17. Light - Michael Nesmith

There's a light that is solo.
There's a light that's so high.
They are lights from the shadows.
They are lights of goodbyes.

18. Introduzione - Balletto Di Bronzo

La poesia di un giorno di vento
l'ultima foglia di un albero morto
il primo giorno di sole d'aprile
un corpo caldo una mano vicina.

19. Four Strong Winds - Ian & Sylvia

But by then it would be winter, not enough for you to do.
And those winds sure do blow cold way up there.

20. Don't Sit on my Jimmy Shands - Richard Thompson

No shindig is half complete
Without that famous polka beat
That's why they invite me, I suppose

I love this: "There is nothing special about XML. It is just plain text with the addition of some XML tags enclosed in angle brackets." OK, so why am I reading a thousand page book about it?
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