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it's all scary outside again. neat! perfect time for a nap. and to turn the computer off. but first to point out that i found the book club book at books-a-million (V.S. Nailpaul's Half a Life). They didn't have any at Border's; I'm going to assume that's because book club denizens bought them all up. While I was there I picked up Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song and What Color is Your Parachute, and very nearly got the book on tape of Snow Crash, but decided that despite the fact that people keep telling me I will like it, I am pretty phuckan sure I won't. The didn't have the Return of the King on tape, so I was saved spending that money. dharshai took me to lunch which was tasty and I was sated without eating a whole entree which I thought was a good sign, no gluttony going on here. now that CHEESE DIP has been moved back to 6pm I can take a longer nap. i feel alot better than i did this morning. i don't understand sometimes why it is that when i feel on edge, it's very hard for me to back away from that feeling and be chill again. something i need to take up with a therapist, i donno. oh, and by the way, i'm making this post naked. it's summertime! and it's good to live alone! no one to care if i type naked!
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