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Rant: S2

Once again, I have thought, "Gee, maybe I should just try this S2 style thing" and once again, I have come away angry and mean like a cobra.

I was looking at oontzgrrl's awesome layout, which she told me she found from a kind (unemployed/teenaged I assume) soul in freelayouts. After spending about 15 minutes there going "WTF" I thought maybe this was time to again consider making it work for myself. I don't want anything fancy... or so I thought. I knew that geniealisa had customized her layout, so I thought I will ask her.

I really only want a few things:

1. A nice, unique, high quality picture to base the theme around. (I know... this requires photoshop knowledge. Separate issue.)

2. Comments links that MAKE FUCKING SENSE and are readable and findable. None of this "I have to a) find out where the FUCK they put the link THIS fucking time and b) interpret your secret language to know which one is "post a fucking comment". (style=mine takes care of this on other people's journals or I would have stopped commenting on half your journals by now)

3. Comments threaded in colors and separated by enough space (left to right as the thread goes on) that you can tell, visually, how deep you are in the thread, and who the person is responding to.

4. Some featured links along with the standard UserInfo/Calendar/Friends links at the top.

5. That tags thing everyone has where the frequency of use determines the size of the word in the cloud.

Fancy, outside things that would also be cool:
The last 4 or so Flickr pics I posted to flickr.
The last 4 or so Twitter entries.
Maybe even the public entries on my google calendar.

That's all!!! Since I already had 2 & 3 going for me and I didn't want to fuck that up, I have avoided S2 like the plague, but then every once in a while I get a burr up my butt to have my front page look different and be a little more personalized and of course then I have to consider S2. Genie pointed out that it took her some time and effort to make the additional, outside things happen, so I have kind of given up on those for now.

But just to do the regular stuff that I assume that LJ provides since so many of you are displaying them, why is this so hard? I read up to here in the S2 guide and I was happy. It is all "CLICK HERE AND TYPE THIS HERE" which is what I need to know. BUT! Then it's like, "WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAMBO DOGFACED TO THE BANANA PATCH?" and I got fucking mad. Why get me to that point only to make me feel like a total fucking moron for the next 4 chapters of your document? Ugh.

So. Am I just a moron? If you are thinking, "sheez, that's easy, why is she being so stupid" please TELL ME so I can just get over it now and keep trying because I know if I knock my head against something long enough it will eventually make sense to me? Or force someone to sit at a computer with me and hold my hand? Or is there another, better, document that actually tells me to click here and type this there? Or should I just leave Phil in shades of grey well enough alone because NO ONE even GOES to anyways??
Tags: meta, rant
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