keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

My thoughts on Heroes S2 opener:

- When I heard Mohinder talking about a plague that targets supers, I was like, "Oh fuck. The same old Vampire LARP plotline all over again!"
- OK who else thought that the MAYA character was going to have a special power that was like... shooting knives out of her hoo-hoo? I forgot for a moment this isn't anime.
- Don't look at the eclipse you moron!
- Who is that actor playing Kensei? I can't find him on imdb.
- I am so overjoyed to see Parkman hale and healthy. But he shouldn't let a magic little girl push him around like that.
- "And you and I will bring this whole Company down." Why on EARTH would he say that over a regular cell phone?
- "I never thought it would be you" or whatever Takei says. You know what? Fuck that. That's a lame trick.
- I gotta say, I like Nathan way better scruffy.
- Next time on: I don't know if I can sit through another fucking season where Sylar is the bad guy. Bleah.

and finally:

Peter, vulnerable, tied up in a crate and shorn: Even hotter!!! Who knew!!!

edit: Oh yeah - and how come no one's like "where is Sylar's body?"
Tags: tv
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