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Only like the best weekend ever. Seeing my best friend deliriously happy and seeing Genesis from the front row. The former actually eclipses the latter, but that just tells you how completely incredible my weekend has been. I mean, there are no words, which is why I am using pictures.

I was so completely overwhelmed seeing all our old friends on Saturday. I strode up to stand at my post as best maid of pirateyness and turned around and was stunned and began to cry. I am so blessed. Getting to dance with the old crew, getting to hug everyone who I haven't seen in so long... I was pulled in many directions and probably didn't give anyone enough attention, but my heart swelled. Not to mention, holy crap, married! The whole experience from Friday on deserves its own blog post, but I'll just have to get to that... eventually.

Then tonight not only do I get to see an incredible and powerful performance by my favorite band, but I ran into someone from Progday (Buster), John, Jeff and Patti, Ann and Tony, and as a COMPLETE surprise, norabombay's roommate, whose mom scored me a setlist off the security dude who was hitting on her. Phil Collins was in sweating distance and everyone gave their all and just... wow. I'm completely blown away.

Point being I am the luckiest girl in the world to have so many blessings.
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