keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Smart Playlists, Go!

I remember what I was going to ask you all about. Smart Playlists.

I have finally, after studiously ignoring them for so long based on the reasoning that no smart playlist could ever be as smart as ME, started making some smart playlists. Just to get some more things rated, to start with; I made a playlist for anything that has been played more than four times but isn't rated. That seemed to work, so I made several more:

4 and 4s: Rated 4, played 4 times.
Faves: everything rated 4 or 5
Faves Medium Played: Rated 4/5 and played 4-10 times.
Faves Rarely Played: Rated 4/5 and played 0-3 times.
Faves Well Played: Rated 4/5 and playes 10+ times.
NonRecent Plays: Hasn't been played in the past 6 months.
Unrated Unplayed: Surprises!

But apparently I am not creative and can't think of anything better. I wish my release date info was better for the music I have, because I would certainly use that.

So anyone else out there have really cool smart playlist ideas?
Tags: music
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