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I need a dedicated fitness/running buddy. I need someone who is as interested as I am. I need a partner.

Last night I had a dream where some people from the Camarilla convinced me to bring back my old character. They were all like "You'll be able to jump right back in, it will be fun, and we promise you can have all the points you accrued". I got it all set up only to find out that no one was allowed to play Giovanni anymore. Hah! Wonder where that came from.

I had a minor meltdown in class last night when I got a non perfect score on the quiz. I need to get over that right now. I mean, I have every intention of getting as close to perfect as possible, but I need to be able to forgive myself for things. Not sure how that is going to go yet. Also there is a frightening class alienation thing where I realize that I understand absolutely everything the teacher says intuitively because I had access to a really good education growing up and was insulated from lots of worries. I know that 1000ml is 1 liter because I'm privileged, not because I'm smarter than everyone (although I was also brought up to believe that I'm smarter than everyone. Here's an article on why that doesn't work.).

Now home to sort out the crafting room. UGH.
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