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I think last week can kind of be summed up in this picture:

I am not careful.

wherein I super glued my ring to a hand in a moment of genius. That sort of shenanigans ended friday, where I had a fabulous trip to Philly with Lou (my next to last friend without a livejournal, I think) to see Crowded House. We did a bunch of stuff before that, including have my favorite fries in the world:

Chickie & Pete's Crabfries

Then it was time for the main event.

Crowded House

The show was quite good. The Man Center is an outdoor-ish venue a la Wolftrap, and the weather was downright chilly, which made for a lot of hoodie sales and a pleasant atmosphere. Liam Finn, Neil's son, did a really neat opened wherein he sampled himself and played guitar, bass, and drums all at one time (in a way) in real time. I dig his sound - and it doesn't hurt that his vocal chords are clearly almost cloned from his pop. Then there was Pete Yorn and his band who were ehn, fine. There were like 5 people playing guitar at the same time which has the potential to be very cool but in this case was just... loud. Then CH took the stage as a 5 piece including Liam and gave really energetic performances, spurred on by a good-natured crowd, winning me over a bit on the new material and getting me up on my feet and crying like a schoolgirl for "When You Come" which was the highlight of the evening for me. My pictures didn't come out so well but then I was not trying to be an ass like everyone else and didn't use the flash. I wanted to shake Matt Sherrod's hand for stepping into shoes that were surely very hard to fill, and doing it with grace and style. Paul's absence was surely felt but Matt's style fit really wonderfully. Finally, I was really sad that "Love This Life" wasn't in the set list.

For rakin and puck_eater: The hockey truck.

For fans of cat shenanigans: We finally got a laser pointer.

Lou put up with my neuroses about driving and weather like a champ on this trip. I can't even begin to describe how many times I opened up my mouth and couldn't believe what was coming out. He took it all in stride and didn't let me get worked up. Well done.

I haven't been getting the best out of the PowerShot yet. Definitely need to work on that. My new bangs are actually making me really happy. Originally I thought my new hairdresser effed them up. I just had lunch with my uncle and it was quite pleasant. We barely ever get to see him. This week I have one goal: get enrolled in the Bio class at PGCC.
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