keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Hey now - Andrew Sullivan is a Genesis fan! Who knew. Now I'll have to read his column - at least until my leftie pinkoness gets in the way.

It's been a long week with many minor figurative scrapes and bruises. Due to lack of time, I twittered most of it from my cell phone. I'm thinking that twitter might end up being a filter and idea pool for actual LJ posts... it's just that it's so easy to use, and sort of forces the short form, which makes me get to the real substance.

Now after my week of icky bits, the topping on my cupcake is that I got a permanent crown affixed today with temporary glue to try it out. Naturally, it came out. So I have a sensitive gap. AND instead of pleasantly sleeping in tomorrow on my wonderful day off, I have to get up and march down there and make them put it back. Hrmf.
Tags: dentistry, genesis
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