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fiendishly fretful

more evidence that nocturnal is not my bag... well, at any rate, i couldn't have been in much of a better mood when i left for work. and then of course, as the night goes on, i become more and more fretful and anxious. and logically, i know there's no reason for it. maybe it's being alone and having too much time with my own thoughts, i don't know. i do wish that there was someone to talk to right now, just about anything. i'm trying to listen to happy music and do lots of work, which also has a double happy effect of making me feel better because it keeps me busy and makes me better in the eyes of the bosses.

oops, my brain changed tracks to a guilt-fret. stop that!!

this morning's brunch with reev was excellent, well, the food wasn't so hot (the Metro 29 Diner in arlington) but the conversation was good. when i got home i thought i would have trouble falling asleep, but i didn't at all. got up, gave a call to bizarrojack and we got some dinner. i was surprised, the house of peking choice did not achieve the quality it normally has. they have a new sushi menu, maybe it's distracting them from what they do best. i dunno.

blah blah bathos side of the line blah
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