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Farmer's Market Chickens

Spent the weekend in Virginia, various parts. Friday night took a long, long drive down to Norfolk via the Fun Back Roads without incident. We enjoyed the audio book of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. When we got to my parents' house, a fantastic meal of spaghetti awaited us, and cool clean sheets for resting.

We got up on Saturday and had a long breakfast and ran around to the Farmer's Market and Barrett's Antique mall. Pictures of such are linked above. It was unbearably hot, but nonetheless dad made some elaborate pork ribs for dinner. My parents surprised me with A NEW CAMERA!!!!! I have been hoping for this for a long time, and immediately ran around taking a bunch of arty-farty test pictures. It will take a while to learn this one! Please expect me to be constantly photographing everything from here on out.

Sunday we had to depart after an all-too-brief visit. We stopped in Hampton to have lunch with the Sinclairs, for which I am grateful we made the time! And then toodled down the road to Richmond, and when I say toodled I mean drove really slowly. We were never in any storms this weekend, but it seemed like we were right behind them alot. We attended a birthday shower for Jack's sis and played some Cranium and ate vegan cupcakes before getting back on the road. Bill Bryson kept us on the edge of our seat with information about quarks and dinosaur bones all the way home!

Then I stayed up way too late further messing around with my camera. My tattoo was flaking and gross all weekend, not the best time to try to get my parents used to the idea.

Per the urgings of geniealisa I have signed up for Twitter. I think I will use it as a dumping ground and that way I can pick out the really good stuff to make it here to LJ. I am not sure. I just like new toys and I can text to it. And there's this.
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