keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

They got me!

Pink Donut, originally uploaded by snidegrrl.

Clearly, this was the highlight of my weekend!

Although I had just designated this weekend as a time to get my whole life together. I did not succeed but I did build up some momentum.

Things I did manage:
- More Grey's Anatomy. I'm sad people universally say this show got worse, because it was damn good. Once again I am left begging for more.
- Filed a bunch of shit, making the office more approachable.
- Made level 61 with Pippye.
- Had a really fun, loose band practice. Mention was made of doing a tiny bar tour of North Carolina sometime.
- Posted a whatsinmybag to flickr. Ended up contributing to a bunch of kitty cat photo pools while I was at it.
- Made great strides in my project of adding all the album art to iTunes. A good 40% of my songs don't even have albums so that will be a whole new level for the project when I get to that. I am a lot like my dad, just not about stamps!
- Ordered some 8ml atomizers and perfumer's alcohol to turn some of my BPAL oils into sprays. I can't wait!

Tags: band, bpal, music, pics, tv
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