keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

My iPod is feeling sinister & creepy this morning, so I'll regale you with a thursday random 20:

1. Steve Hackett - Watcher of the Skies (Live @ Nearfest)
2. Flaming Lips - Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
3. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
4. Tom Rush - The Dreamer
5. Julee Cruise - I Float Alone
6. The Monkees - Mommy and Daddy (trust me, this is probably the creepiest song on here)
7. Concrete Blonde - Darkening of the Light
8. Van Der Graff Generator - A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers (Peter Hamill is sounding like Bea Arthur to me)
9. Stephen Sondheim (Sweeney Todd) - Green Finch and Linnet Bird
10. Split Enz - Dirty Creature
11. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
12. Ephemeral Sun - ...Winter Has No Mercy
13. Porcupine Tree - Sentimental
14. Darleen Carr - My Own Home (Jungle Book Soundtrack)
15. Phil Collins - The Roof is Leaking
16. Opeth - Windowpane
17. Richard Thompson - Easy There, Steady Now
18. Frida - I Know There's Something Going On
19. Blue Oyster Cult - Morning Final
20. Britt Ekland - How Do (yes, from the original Wicker Man)
Tags: music
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