keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Vacation day 1 step 1:

Wake up from disturbing but fascinating dream involving a young Peter Gabriel as a sort of Manson figure with several girlfriend-followers of which I was one. (peregin8, you were also one, for some reason.) We all got involved in some crazy witchcraft and one by one we all realized it was bringin' the evil. As things start to get really heavy, we hole up in a downstairs bathroom to hide from him. I sneak out to find this quilt that had all these special symbols on it and I can't find him anywhere. Once I lock myself back in the bathroom with the other gf's we hear silence descend on the house. Out of the silence we hear PG starting to sing "Biko" as if he were writing it for the first time. We realize that the evil has left the house! Then I wake up.

step 2: Use extra time from waking up early to snorgle cats.
Tags: dream
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