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I lied about going to sleep in an email a few minutes ago. I didn't think I was at the time.

First, we saw 1408. Well, I thought John Cusack did a really fantastic job with the material. I thought I was going to be creeped right out of the theater... for the first half. Somewhere along the line, the stuff they apparently added to the short story to make it more film-friendly got a little hackneyed. Bummer. See the first half!!

Second, I have these mp3s by a band called The Teardrop Explodes. I don't know where I got them. They are very "new wave". I really, really like them. Who gave me these? On examination, I bet it was professorbooty.

Third, I waited not so patiently for Grey's Anatomy disc 2 to come. I squee'ed with glee when it arrived. We got through 1.5 eps before it crapped out on us. Netflix is sending me a replacement but really, since when have I been so psyched to watch something I've gotten in the mail? Curses.

Fourth, as it turns out, Great Sage is a pretty good restaurant. I was feeling all backlashy about vegetarian/vegan stuff, but no, it was good.

My to do list next week needs to consist of nothing more than:
1. Pay speeding ticket
2. Renew driver's license
3. Figure out how to register for community college class

OK, now I can go to bed.
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