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since my last real update i...

- went to a softball game that got rained out anyways
- had several panic attacks about work because math/accounting is not my strong point
- went to 2 recording sessions for the Jelly Sharks and recorded my vocal tracks
- had a drum lesson which again proved to me that while i can impress my teacher, i could really fucking impress him if i just practiced regularly
- went to a 2-yo's birthday party and had a bunch of fun with the bubble machine
- went to dundalk for bk's cookout and shit, i like dundalk! or at least that part, so now i want to move there
- as usual, because i want to move everywhere because i like places
- developed a massive headache for no apparent reason, and got rid of it
- watched S1 disc 1 of Grey's Anatomy which i assess to be "Melrose Place for surgeons". in this case, it's a good thing. there's enough witty lines to keep me engaged. also <3 T.R. Knight.
- dreamed that on a trip to a zoo/flea market with jack's parents i got a ticket, and jack's dad paid for it, and i was embarassed, and then there was a plague of s-words.
- played a lively 8-person 4-hour robo rally game involving much robot carnage.

and today: developed an eye twitch. AHHHH I need to sleep or something!!!
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