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Dear god people, if not for the relentless Sheet Cake Onslaught this office is under, I am sure we would all starve, or feel no joy. Seriously, someone sneezes and they send the Sheet Cake Nazis.

Now where was I. Oh, remember that expensive tooth problem I discovered a few weeks ago? I have another one like it. Tooth 18 is reaching the end of its natural lifespan. Soon it will be the bionic tooth. That was a fun time this morning. More fun is that my coworkers keep joking that my dentist appointments are really job interviews. I should just let them think that.

In the kerfluffle of moving to the new office this week, I neglected to write about my weekend. This weekend I:

1. Went to a femjay birthday bash in a bar in DC. Femjays rule! Bars in DC drool. Out of this will come the Great Femjay Makeover of ought-seven, wherein I will be outed for the umpteenth time as that most un-femjay thing: The Chanel whore.

2. Barely slept.

3. Had a drum lesson; performed well despite lack of practice. Perhaps natural talent is EXACTLY the reason I have never excelled at any musical instrument.

4. Had a meeting of the minds with Michelle over lunch in regards to our futures. Apart from that I still just adore Michelle despite the fact that we are clearly so different, I cemented my decision to get my butt into a class at community college pronto. I discovered at some point this week that I never actually got any Bio credits in college whatever my brain remembers. So that is the likely target.

5. Band practice/bass guitar recording was cancelled. I fought my way through VA traffic home and took a freaking nap. Jack worked all weekend and it sucked and filled me with rage. When I say all weekend I mean from 5am Saturday to about 5am Sunday. Not cool.

6. Roused myself, got steaks, went to Xie's for chattering and nattering, welcomed Jen back from vacation, felt like ass from my nap, went home and to bed. Naps mess me up.

7. Sunday was the awesome. I took Telf to Sobotanical in Federal Hill for her (belated) birthday to have a custom scent made. Since I was there, naturally I couldn't resist and had a second scent made for myself for summer. I called it "Green Rainbow" since it was based around cucumber, lime, and herbs. From there we hit Ellicott City for lunch, JoAnne's for wedding related pattern & muslin retrieval, home where we ran into Jack's fam, and then the coup de grace, Lesbian Ninja Pirates V at the PT in Silver Spring. The shrimp recipe was off, which was disappointing, and we were kind of wiped at that point. But I ran into mcoletti which was a treat.

So it was a rather hectic weekend. Monday involved me not having the network half the day so unpacking very slowly into my new cubicle. The good news: my commute is ten minutes shorter at least. Just not as pretty. It is probably quite a culture shock for my pampered coworkers to suddenly be working in a real industrial park. I think it's fantastic, as we are not all piled on top of one another. At the end of the day I hit the thrift store for cube decorating ideas and then we all went over to the peril_book_club meeting where World War Z met with only a few mild criticisms. In a first for book club, our next book was voted in (under a 2-hand rule process) unanimously.

Tonight I plan to try to get these effing netflix movies out of my house so I can start Grey's Anatomy. I finished the Echo Heron book which was incredibly wonderful, difficult, and moving; the difficult part was not just in the life and death stuff, but sadly also in the "health care in this country is going to the dogs" part. I am also trying to finish up The Rebel Angels which has been sort of interesting, in a gentle way. I feel strongly that canadians and salami_salome would like it. I'll probably go on to the second book in the trilogy.
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