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I have been up way past my bedtime the past few nights riveted by Echo Heron books, otherwise known as the most recommended nonfiction nurse books in every nurse community on LJ. The one I am reading is Tending Lives, which is a compilation of different nurses' stories. Everytime I get to the end of one I think, "I'll just read the next one, it HAS to be less intense." Nope.

On my way to work from my incredibly frustrating dentist appointment (no new crown, it didn't fit, and I had to redo the mold, which as you may know is a foul process) I was thinking about how odd it might be considered after my initial career path (fancy private school, obvious college, clear intentions from my upbringers that I was meant for "better" things) for me to contemplate becoming a nurse. I do not once remember anyone I grew up with suggesting they wanted to be a nurse when they grew up, which is odd, thinking back. I've lived in a pretty narrow social framework. Nursing is one of those careers that is on the list of things you might mention in elementary school that has a clear, obvious set of duties: Teacher, Fireman, Farmer, Nurse. Even when I was growing up, these were increasingly remote ideas for an occupation; I can't quite imagine for kids today what it might be like imagining "what you want to be when you grow up". So very many jobs (in America, anyways) fall into one of two, possibly three categories. It seems like today most people (at least in my peer group, which is admittedly decidedly middle class) either sell stuff, program stuff, or manage selling stuff or programming stuff.

Anyways. It's very high on the list of topics occupying my brain this week particularly after an enthusiastic chat with oontzgrrl this weekend. I went to the hospital yesterday to see the newest person I know & zarobi. We went into the NICU where he will hopefully be staying a very short time and visited him for a good long while. I tried to imagine working in a hospital while I was sitting there and while it was still scary-feeling, I didn't have that "no way in hell" feeling at all. I felt like it's about time I challenge myself. I looked around and felt an enormous respect for what all the nurses around were doing. I can't imagine how anyone could ever disrespect the profession!

The new kid looked very healthy, but sleeeepy. Jo looks fantastic, considering everything she has been through! We had a lovely visit until they kicked me out.
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