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I'm so behind on journaling. This will be longish.

Last night was so much accidental fun it was sickening. Culminating in a Pursuit of Trivial Deliciousness wherein omphaloskepsis, drivingblind, Jack and myself placed post-its on our places on the TP (totally 80s) board and took it with us to the diner due to the game not being over and us needing PIE, STAT.

Things I learned this week: don't wait 3 days to take [embarrassing problem solving drug name here]. It actually works, and fast, and could have saved you 3 days of distress.

My new Emo-Glasses-Even-A-Mother-Couldn't-Love have received mixed reviews, and some people even like them! Bonus: I now have peripheral and up-down vision at all times.

Genie's wedding went optimally. Being at Norfolk Academy was completely surreal. And I anticipate getting a freaky alumni newsletter with my face plastered in it soon enough. I had a wonderful time and tears (the good kind) and laughter were had. The tuna was fucking fantastic - Genie let them know that stuff is a home run - and I got to see my parents a bit, although not nearly enough. It was so great to be back there with both keryx and geniealisa and then my "new" (ha!) friends got to see where I went to school. We even ran into my harp teacher! People met people and so on. Plus cake & dancing!

We came home via Richmond and tzel's bridal shower which was a nice time (all things shower usually being kind of... challenging for the social misfit) and offered my first chance at the toilet paper bride game, which was amusing.

The week was kind of a blur of work misery, QlikView training (work misery) and feeling ill. I was forced to miss my boss' farewell lunch, which was sort of a capstone to the whole week's ordeal. A brief respite was had in dinner with zarobi and tzel at the Golden Corral. I really do love a buffet every once in a while. There was also softball. We played the best team in the (combined C+D) league, who, come to find out, caused a new rule that C league teams can't get more than 5 runs an inning. They still beat the crap out of us, but this time they were nice about it. I took a worm burner to the foot and now have a large bruise there. Ow. At least I got to play a position other than catcher for a while, even if it was the hot corner.

Friday night we had a huge party at our house. I was unfortunately poorly prepped for being in a party mood by my overall shitty week. I stuck it out though, I think because I'm hard-wired to at least try to put on a happy face. Said happy face crumbled after random assholes threw a beer can at us and the cops came. But the birthday peeps (including my very own bizarrojack!) had a good time, so mission accomplished!

Yesterday I met my potential new tattoo artist and the discussion went better than expected. I have a date to start and I am so psyched. And the cherry on top of the weekend is that the band just left and we've laid down my drum tracks for our potential EP. For what I thought would be a relaxing weekend, a lot of great shit got done! I feel much better.
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