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Jun. 4th, 2007

This weekend kept up the "interesting" theme for me. I forgot to mention that Saturday Jack and I went out and got a new laptop!!!! The most basic little MacBook. We're part mac people now, and I think Jack is unhappy about that. But I was going to have GarageBand!! Now I'm all psyched to order a laptop bag. I have my eye on a REALLY fancy one but if you guys have cheaper favorites, let me know.

We drove north to celebrate the newly minted M.D. zenthia yesterday (she rocks!!!), and had a fabulous crab feast despite the rain. I did manage to deeply puncture myself with a crab part, but that's not all, I also ate a Starburst and had it rip out one of my fillings. GREAT! Despite this I had a grand time.

Than Jack & I caught Pirates 3.

The plot was an indecipherable mess. But: Who cares??? It was a whole lot of rollicking fun and I enjoyed almost all of it. I had but one objection (apart from the insignificant bit about the plot, which some of you might find significant) which is that in the little post-credits moment? They could have at least weathered Kiera Knightley a LITTLE bit. Maybe just aged her a teeny, tiny tad? I know how different I look after ten years and um... yeah. Anyways, that was the only thing I didn't like. If you can let go of your need for coherence, go see the movie and enjoy.



Jun. 4th, 2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
Ha! The Asswipe!

I could sort of go with it, even though "fire" doesn't seem like such a hard word to say. He had his Big Scheme and as long as everything was going according to the plan he had made, he got more evil and more powerful. But as soon as something went seriously wrong, he wasn't flexible enough to figure out what to do on the fly so he just seized up. I'm much more like that guy than I am like a free-wheeling, constantly re-planning pirate. Which is why I will never rule the seas, apparently.

I couldn't believe Elizabeth married Will. I got almost exactly no sense that she was that interested in him during this movie and don't recall much evidence from the last one either. Maybe it was just all the adrenaline from the battle.