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keep it dark

This weekend kept up the "interesting" theme for me. I forgot to mention that Saturday Jack and I went out and got a new laptop!!!! The most basic little MacBook. We're part mac people now, and I think Jack is unhappy about that. But I was going to have GarageBand!! Now I'm all psyched to order a laptop bag. I have my eye on a REALLY fancy one but if you guys have cheaper favorites, let me know.

We drove north to celebrate the newly minted M.D. zenthia yesterday (she rocks!!!), and had a fabulous crab feast despite the rain. I did manage to deeply puncture myself with a crab part, but that's not all, I also ate a Starburst and had it rip out one of my fillings. GREAT! Despite this I had a grand time.

Than Jack & I caught Pirates 3.

The plot was an indecipherable mess. But: Who cares??? It was a whole lot of rollicking fun and I enjoyed almost all of it. I had but one objection (apart from the insignificant bit about the plot, which some of you might find significant) which is that in the little post-credits moment? They could have at least weathered Kiera Knightley a LITTLE bit. Maybe just aged her a teeny, tiny tad? I know how different I look after ten years and um... yeah. Anyways, that was the only thing I didn't like. If you can let go of your need for coherence, go see the movie and enjoy.
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