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I have a bunch of documenting to do. May has been a bit of a whirlwind, has it not? Here's what I've been up to:

So many jokes about that terrible song... but we'll get to that.

Last friday! I went home thinking I would just prepare myself for everything that was to come over the course of the weekend. Laundry things happened, and I made extensive use of the printer and the Miquelrius to make sure I knew everything I possibly could about saturday. But when I got all that stuff done or going, I felt lonely and listless. So I called salami_salome who happened to be visiting msteleute and the upshot of all this is that I got a homemade veggie burger and some company out of the deal. Sweet. Went home, freaked out, the end.

Saturday I woke up and hauled myself out of bed and wasted a BUNCH of time doing dumb stuff before I realized I was about to be late for my drum lesson. I went with another week of minimal practice under my belt (ugh) but had a good lesson anyways. I brought a new book (Rolls, Rolls, Rolls) as a distraction. Bonus: my teacher has a friend who is an experienced tattoo artist, so he gave me his info. He said that this guy treats each tattoo as a life-changing mystical experience. OK, whatever. He also says he will listen to the songs... sold! Anyways, more on that later.

By the time I got home geniealisa was stuck in traffic so I had time to tie up a few loose ends before she arrived, resplendent in blondeness. She came bearing gifts! She accidentally got me a Timbuk2 Metro bag which is now my main bag. I lurve it. It has all the right little pouches and isn't as cumbersome as my old messenger. It does not hold full-page-size things which is always a weird deciding point on bags for me but hopefully carrying an extra folder with my physical "inbox" won't be a big deal.

ANYways. Let's get on to the real event, a hen party for Genie. Beth (a fine person who finely drove which was very awesome as I was already a basket case as it was) came along and gathered us up and we rode on down to Annandale to the Old Hickory Grille (e tax!) which I guess is cajun themed? All I can tell you is that the fried crawdads were num nummy. I would go back there in a heartbeat, not to mention the staff were nice and helpful as I was setting the thing up. Genie's DC-buds gathered up and we had a pleasant and sometimes geeky conversation. I was relieved that for the most part I was able to follow along, since they are more CoH people and less WoW people. :)

Post-dinner we rolled on over the to main event. Karaoke, but witout the strangers: Noraebang. People, we queued up enough songs for four and a half hours of karaoke goodness. I LOVED it. I think everyone got their turn, multiple times, and I was obnoxious and loud, and I couldn't even begin to tell you the song list because, well, 4.5 hours!!! Their catalog is good, but missing a few things I thought were obvious. The real hilarity came with the ridiculous videos that they have backing the words. Words cannot describe. We could barely sing "Reunited" because we had to have a deep discussion about the plot of the bizarre spider-man themed video. Wau. I will be going there again, rest assured. We finally got home about 2am or so, where we sat around and chatted about I don't even remember what. Phew, I was beat.

Sunday morning we woke up for an early lunch (I don't mean any slight against my tabletop game, but I was relieved that it was canceled because I could barely manage conversation and shoving things in my mouth, let alone coping with my character's need to reconcile murdering somebody) and soon Genie was on her way. Fred & Xie came by to set up a server in our office, so we had a nice time actually, and then I was off to band practice. 'Frida' is shaping up but I really really need to get faster, and more consistent at being faster. Ugh. Came home and watched a slightly depressing documentary from Netflix, Sister Helen. Went to bed. Was actually relieved to be going back to work.

In the middle of all this somewhere I had a hilarious conversation with my mother which involved me explaining how, if you were the kind of person who did something like this, you would lie to get off the phone. I explained this and then pretended: "Oh goodness, there's someone outside the house, I'd better see who it is!" Upon which my mother hung up. That's what a convincing phone actress I am. Hee.

Monday was a frustrating day at work culturally. Sometimes I get along great with the department, sometimes I don't. Then Heroes finale! Which was a little disappointing but hey, they didn't ask me. I also called that tattoo guy monday, and come to find out, he says he is "old school" and just likes to do anchors and eagles and shit. But he works at a woman-owned and woman-run shop, and said woman might be perfect to do my sleeve. I sent her an email... hopefully I'll hear back.

Tuesday there was even more awesome to be had as I grabbed a friend and went to the Ram's Head Live to see Porcupine Tree. Amusingly despite the fact that there were probably over a thousand and some people coming to this show, who was the first person I saw there? JPB. We ended up having dinner with that crew and of course there was much hilarity and I had a beer so I acted like an ass, which only made me fit right in. The show itself was great although a bit exhausting, and the new album is kind of a downer (not that the old albums weren't), which makes me sad I didn't see previous tours. Gavin Harrison is a hero and now I finally think I might be ready to just have a double pedal... just to play with, you know? It would take forever to add that to the skillset.

Last night was my first clear, chill night in a while. We had garlicy pizza and watched the Idol finale and sneered at it. I practiced drums a little.

Things aren't perfect but I'm getting alot done it seems! Off to dinner then softball.
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