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keep it dark

Off-balance is a good word for my mood of late. This weekend was a pleasant one, however, as nothing happening was big or involving me as the driving force. I got through my to-do list like a champ; I even felt good about all my drumming endeavors all weekend. Friday night, in fact, while I was practicing in a t-shirt & boxer briefs assuming no one would be the wiser, there was a knock on the door, and it was our neighbors from a few doors down. They'd heard me practicing as they walked to the store. I knew they had a band because I'd heard their neighbors complain about the noise and general unkemptness of their house, but figured they were macho rock types, besides, I am that asshole that barely has time for my friends let alone my neighbors. Anyways, since I was pantsless we didn't chat long, but it was neat to hear that the dude is actually in a band with 2 women.

Saturday I had my lesson, and my teacher hilariously upbraided me for my "childlike, messy" rolls, and then upbraided himself for being so harsh. It went uphill from there, though, and me faith in lessons was renewed. I then headed up to the Mazda dealership to get the 15k checkup. Jack came up and we had lunch... I entertained fantasies of trading up to a MazdaSpeed3. Later on we did the Sakura thing for tzel's birthday, and then had our first backyard relaxin' of the season. I'll be needing more of that, thanks!

Sunday I got up and filed and did laundry. And looked at more lolcats. Then band practice, which made me feel better. Then dinner, and oops, mother's day dinner chez Eids.

So we still need another band to fill out the June 2nd gig at Dr. Dremo's. chiba? ;)

Today at work I met the consultant for the new thing. Whee! When I heard he was a former marine, I was prepared to be intimidated. I don't think it's like that, fortunately.

Current distraction: searching randomly through flickr. Specifically at the moment: A-frames and tiny houses.
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