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Satisfying office moments are few and far between for many people, but I've just had one of the good ones: using up a pen. It's kind of a sad parting, particularly since it takes 6-8 months to use up a pen. Farewell, teal Pilot G-2 0.7mm. For the next 6-8 months, I will be taking notes in green Pilot G-2 1.0mm. Makes you feel like you've accomplished something when you have a job that doesn't have significant milestones, you know?

I'm feeling a little divorced from LJ and unable to write. It sucks. The past few days have sucked due to digestive distress. I hope this weekend proves at least a little relaxing.

The current to-do list:
- pick up dress at David's
- drum practice, then lesson
- firm up next weekend's hen party plans
- get car's 15k service
- finish ZAMM, go to book club
- band practice
- go to a WW meeting for the first time
- drink more water
- file shit

I think that is as far forward as I can think. I finished up 1900 House which completely rocked my world. That was really excellent television, to my mind. The first two parts are stellar and do a good job of establishing, the last two eps are just good reality TV. Yes, I just put those three words in a sentence. I only wish they had spent a little time exploring what the cleaning help, the lower class, would have lived like, since they made such a big deal about how hard it was to clean then. Jack and I also watched The Last Picture Show last night which was as depressing as I expected. I didn't realize Bogdanovich directed one of my favorite movies, Noises Off!

Guilty pleasure, American Idol thoughts: I had so hoped for an all-girl final three, but Blake's unstoppable hair made this impossible. Next week: America decides whether breathy white boys trump extraordinary talent or plucky youth. I didn't mention it here, but Lakisha's performance on Bon Jovi week: OMG. Stunning. Final words: Barry Gibb, American Idol? Really?!?
Tags: stuff, to do list, tv
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