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Dirty Courtneys @ PDX LRC 2007

Dirty Courtneys @ PDX LRC 2007, originally uploaded by snidegrrl.

This is a fine capturing of the Moment of Truth at Ladies Rock Camp. Only, the awesome thing about LRC is that the moment of truth is all weekend long, and the truth is, fuck perfect. No, that's one truth, but there are plenty of them splattered all over rock camp and you can take your pick. "Fuck Perfect" was just our pre-show band cheer.

I put all the pictures that weren't total blurs up on Flickr, and if you check my other sets you can find the sightseeing stuff and amazing dime-sized hail and my generous hostess and me goofing around. (Also on the camera at time of upload were the easter egg pics... a tad late, oops.)

I'd love to get into every stinking detail. The positive energy was there like last year. Of course things were a little different, different group and all, but it was still the same awesome empowering experience. The thing I forgot: it's also hard hard work. And an endurance test, sometimes. Particularly if you don't choose to write a nice laid back song. :) I came back to B's each night sweaty and exhausted. In the good way!

Maybe later I'll get in to the feelings and bits and things, for now, pics. Check it out Shining fans: I also went up to the Timberline Lodge and got some pics where they filmed stuff.

Tags: drums, portland, rock camp
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