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Last night I went to the Laurel Transportation & Public Safety Board meeting for round 2 of "put a stop sign in front of my house, dammit". I sat through a painful discussion of sight distances for turning onto main st from 6th, and then a far more entertaining, in the DRAMA sense of the word, for 4th street.

There were about 6 residents of 4th street there who have apparently been campaigning about the excessive speeds between 198 and Main. I believe it as I have gone through there at a good clip myself. They all brought their multiple toddlers along to prove that tiny lives were in danger. So the cops as well as an independent consultant did speed studies on that road and lo and behold the vast majority of the cars that come through therego under the speed limit. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I learned all about traffic calming and speed humps, bumps, and lumps.

Then it was my turn. Come to find out, about twice as many cars came through our intersection going west, and that's why they haven't done it, because they worry about congestion. Sure, ok. But they are still entertaining the idea because the very nice cop on the council also thinks it is a good idea, although there have only been 2 actual incidents reported there. One of them was the drunk driver that hit a parked car that I called in earlier this year.

I really need to make it to a historic district meeting someday. edit OH!!! And I learned a bunch of stuff about what they are going to do with the Laurel Mall. Looks like they will be basically doing a Bowie Town Center thing. There will be a new movie theater. Some of the original structure will still stand. I gotta run to a meeting or I would go into more detail.

Earlier this week I bought my first book on It was Aegypt by John Crowley. The actual installation and setup for ipod was very unfriendly and if Jack hadn't been there I would have had an attack.

Music news:

Crowded House will be releasing their first studio album since 1993's Together Alone this summer, which includes two tracks featuring Smiths legend Johnny Marr. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After work I will go over to Border's and get my copy of the new Procupine Tree album. Tomorrow I leave for Portland. Trying not to go into an anxiety tailspin!
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