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I was very much in my own little world this weekend, even though I had a fair amount of contact with other humans.

Friday I was inspired to run to the Glen Burnie David's Bridal to try on a dress I had eyed online for my role as Featured Homegirl in Genie & Rich's wedding. It was a spontaneous trip and of course I should have known the place would be crawling with Real Girls wearing lots of Girly Dresses. I am sure I amused many of them trying dresses on with my ball cap on backwards and my sport socks. Anyways, I tried on the discouraged 80s-looking dress and was so instantly in love with it I had to bother Genie to ask if she'd consider it. After a flurry of picture messages (I had to run from the way back of the store to the way front of the store to send these, which was a comedy of errors with the nice saleslady who was following me around - Renita, I recommend her she has a good sense of humor) we decided on another more classy dress which I will leave a secret for now. But who knows. Maybe I'll have to find a reason to wear a bubble dress somewhere else and get one!!!

After that I went home and practiced drums and watched ludicrously bad television. Because Friday I always have to cram for my saturday morning drum lesson. It paid off, because my teacher said I always had my lessons prepared. HA!! Imagine how it would be if I actually prepared. I frittered the day away on saturday, trying to get some laundry done so I could pack for Portland. I did goofy things like make a list of what I'm planning to wear each day, because that's the only way I can be sure I pack everything I need. I am contemplating a second suitcase, since having to be prepared for unpredictable northwestern weather is a pain.

I got to take a pleasant drive down the GW parkway to get to Crystal City for Artomatic, which is actually way bigger than I imagined. I should have known the musical schedule was all lies, so I had plenty of time to look at art. ES's new drummer's wife is a very nice lady and we chatted a bunch, she was all "COME HANG OUT AT OUR HOUSE!" which was a kind invitation. She seemed to think her husband just intrinsically likes hanging out with drummers. I think he'd be like "uh, that's great kid." She enlisted my help in taking pictures with her camera which gave me something to do. But anyways. The show. It was great to hear the non-cd stuff which I actually thought was better than the Broken Door stuff, but then, I can tell when they mess up on the album stuff. The crap lighting meant that you kind of had to get real close to tell what anyone was doing except John who got his own lighting. Such a prima donna, setting up his gear under the only lighting! Ha. I settled down next to a nice gentleman who was the bass player for a band that was going on later on the other stage. We chatted about Gentle Giant and he was really excited about ES's set. I concur! And if I want to, it turns out I can do it all over again on May 5th 4th although I think I will be recovering that day. I hung around after the show being creepy (not really, but I felt weird) but the guys were packing up and busy so I went back home, very satisfied to have heard some excellent music. I'm glad DC-SOAR found this partnership with Artomatic because honestly, having people who are there for the visual art wander in and go "wow, who are these guys?" was nice. I watched several people who seemed obviously pleasantly surprised wander in and listen.

Now I should make time to go see some of the OTHER local art rock bands.

Sunday was band practice. I was in a crap mood and almost ran out of gas but we still were able to do rough recordings of the new songs and I discovered that ProMark 747 Rock sticks actually give my hands more fatigue, so I need to give up on them and use something else. I literally can't play the fast song using them. Weird. I came home and packed more and did more laundry. Then I watched some of He Knew He Was Right from Netflix which was kind of hilarious. Then I picked a dumb fight with Jack. I really need to stop communicating with him so inredibly poorly. I suspect, however, that despite the fact that this plays into the stereotype, I actually was screechy because of hormones.

Today I got my hairs did and forgot about an important meeting. I suck. :(
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