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I last posted on Friday, a mostly effortless post. That was because I was mostly paralyzed on Friday by cramps. I sat and watched TV with the heating pad. The pill helped with all that, once upon a time, but I know I can never go on the pill again. At any rate, by the time geniealisa arrived around 9pm, I was drugged up and feeling a bit better. She was dropping by sort of on the way to Delaware, and I considered trying to do some social planning for us, but as it turned out despite many tantalizing options the best thing for us was to just sit and talk. And talk and talk. I believe we talked essentially from the time she arrived until almost 7AM. This should prove I'm now hardcore nightbreed... I think I'll be staying this way. Ugh. We chatted in my living room, then chatted on the deck, and ultimately at the Diner, then back in my living room. I was hoping someone I knew would wander through the Diner but the only person who did was my ex-roommate's ex-boyfriend. Hey, at least he recognized me. We took a break from gabbing to commit over an hour to dance dance revolution, working up a serious sweat. I plan to set up the permanent DDR situation ASAP, because MAN is that a workout. It also felt just like old times; back in the day when we were in junior high and playing Super Mario Brothers. She had to vamoose basically just as we woke up, and I had to head over to Nate's birthday picnic, bringing us to part 2 of the weekend.

I grabbed Nate's christmas present, put on some cookout clothes, and headed down to Nate's, feeling pretty awesome despite having smoked about a pack of cigarettes the night before and therefore having tar-throat. I got a giant pork rib from Scott, a hot dog from dharshai, and was set to drink beer. Since, um, that was the only beverage available. Fortunately I kept it light on the drinking, which is I think a general policy from here until I reverse it. I want to be able to enjoy the fun I'm having and remember it all later... we kibbutzed, I got to talk some to maigrey for the first time in over a year. I got into a game of Chez Geek that went a bit long. Janine was generous with her thrift store goods, and I got to see the Japan pics of zarobi's trip. We settled in to watch The Birdcage, which was cool because I had recently seen La Cage aux Folles, and could compare. I had a brief minor attack of anxiety, but it passed. Nate's present, by the way, was the Fionavar Tapestry (Guy Gavriel Kay). I hope he likes it.

Incidentally, I've been really enjoying seeing all my friends so much. So, our host and hostess were beginning to get worn out, so the remainder of us struck out for all night food. We ended up at the diner in Rockville finally. Why can't anyone understand that I want a hot turkey and swiss sandwich that involves ONLY turkey, cheese, and bread? Anyways... Of course there were drunk loud guys in the place, so we left... not to mention that everyone was exhausted. I crashed in Rockville, got to sleep about 4am. See what I mean about being used to the overnight shift? I wasn't even tired. Then I woke up about 9am; I don't know why, I was all keyed up. I am looking at a 24-hour day soon, but I think ultimately it was not a raw deal, as I got to talk with bizarrojack a significant amount.

This brings us to part 3 of the busy and surprisingly fun weekend, where msteleute and I journeyed to Pentagon City for high tea at the Ritz-Carlton. There were tiny sandwiches. There was Oolong. I wore a skirt. I ate salmon. I never do that. Much props to summer_queen for organizing another tea. I definately enjoyed the extraordinary experience. If all that doesn't sound girly ENOUGH, on the way back to the car we stopped to shop for makeup, and I got the blue Stila eyeshadow I had been yearning for. They had to kick us out of the mall, we almost got lost trying to get back to the GW Parkway, but we made our way back to MD, and Lars was kind enough (he is extremely kind) to make some beef stroganoff. Which approximately brings me to being here, at work, another week beginning, with an ominous message: "If anyone is caught sleeping on shift, they will be terminated immediately without warning." Methinks the manager that had to work alone last night is unhappy. Hey, he didn't schedule me to work!

I'm gonna need some coffee. The coming week will involve: The Bank, The MVA, Jambalaya, ***sending Father's day stuff***, and other things I can't remember right now. Capital Pride march is next weekend. If anyone bothered to read all this and got to this point and is interested in the pride march (Why does Sal not have a livejournal???) I guess let me know. Although, I keep thinking I already scheduled something for the 8th. I think that wraps it up for the factual account!
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