keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

In case you forgot how much I love my car Jennifer Spankmobile, since I haven't been talking about it, here:

The most fun of the bunch, by a good margin, is the Mazda3 s Touring. Even though its 160-horsepower, 2.3-liter four was the least-powerful engine in this test, it ran the sprints about as quickly as the lighter and more powerful Matrix, and it plain spanked all comers in the slalom, figure eight, and skidpad tests, testament to its balanced chassis and superb handling.

Yesterday I dropped Scott off at the Saturn dealership, and one of the sales guys sauntered over to ask me about my car. I effused about it for a while, and he told me about the upcoming Astra. I did my best to be my usual self, aka a walking ad for the Mazda, and he said next year I should come by and try out the Astra. Sure, dude. This got me to missing thinking about cars, so now I'm all thinking about cars again.

By the by, Saturday I think we'll be seeing that ice skating movie Blades of Glory at the Columbia mall theater around 3:45.

Chili planning has commenced. I am down to 3 fingernails... total relapse. Back is OK-ish. Softball tonight. Softball cancelled due to wet fields! Lame!
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