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Earlier Jack and I were dancing along together to the Daler Mehndi video (tunak tunak tun) and I was like, "Somewhere, if it hasn't happened already, four dudes are doing this, but they are also putting together four different colored costumes and planning this as a Con sketch." And if you haven't, dudes, go for it, because that would slay me. And uh, no really, Jack and I don't stand around and dance along with videos in our spare time... I swear.

I am sure every generation feels this way, but I love being a child of the late 70s/early 80s. Blissfully ignorant of Reaganomics and happy to have as many Smurf-themed items in my pencil box as I could manage. Just now Bruce Hornsby's "Mandonlin Rain" take me back to putting my BMX bike in the back of my dad's nissan pickup truck (the first car our family bought new) and having him take me & a friend (squeezed into the fold down seat behind the driver, as there was no KING CAB then) to Seashore State Park, which by the way they changed the name of the year I left and I had no idea until just now. We'd bike a few miles, then off the park to the McDonald's and have happy meals and call dad up and have him pick us up. 80s nostalgia is alive and well here. In case there was any doubt about my deep commitment to being a tomboy then, I remember well the Christmas my parents got me a pink girls' bike, and I made them take it back and get me the red and black boys' bike. And I rode that thing until I was WAY too big for it. Perhaps my first feminist thought was: why does the girls' bike have the angled bar? What's the double standard there?

Back to nefarious iTunes playlist noodling.
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