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weekend wrapup: relaxation, at last!

This weekend I ended up having no plans! I even cancelled my drum lesson so I could be 95% plan-free, and it was totally worth it. I feel MUCH better after not pressuring myself for a while. Not to mention, after the first softball game of 2007? SORE!!!

Friday night I made Jack bring home Chipotle and accidentally made people come over to our house. necrocannibal graciously made everyone ice cream sundaes and we chit-chatted until the wee hours. Saturday was more isolated. We watched another disc of Brisco County Jr after which we went out and procured tax software. Jack ran out to Blockbuster since all our netflix rentals are weird and depressing and from this we got:

40 Year Old Virgin: Once I found out this was a Judd Apatow project, I figured I could probably get through it. And while there were some things I fast-forwarded over, in general I wasn't that uncomfortable and it was about as heartwarming as everyone said it would be. Mostly it was worth it for 2 scenes: the miniature painting (hee!) and the final scene, which had me ROFL.

Idiocracy: This movie, OTOH, was kind of lame and not that funny. I mean, honestly I thought it was a bit insulting. I get that it wasn't meant to be subtle, but jeez, class issues? Anyways, I'm definitely over Luke Wilson.

While Jack finished the taxes, I finished reading The Last Picture Show (this month's peril_book_club book) and as predicted, hated it. Now we enter the phase of the book club cycle where I try to look up reasons why people value this book. I'm sure there will be some reasons that went right over my very simple head. To cleanse my literary palate, I am moving on to some Wodehouse.

Sunday I watched tennis on TV (having no cable will make you do weird things) and it made me want to play tennis. examorata? Then I went to band practice where we showed that we are not all that rusty, learned a new song or two, and I got frustrated with my own songwriting capabilities. Meh. On the way home, on a whim, I called the casa de madamjolie and dropped by to bother them all afternoon. I found out that freakscout and I are t-shirt buddies. I got to play with a Wii finally!! I could see if I had a ton of disposable income where I might just try and procure one, if for no other reason than Wii sports. And I am apparently a Wii savant, at least at bowling.

Which leaves me with some questions that came out of the weekend and a conversation with the Other Viking. Do you wish you could find a new tabletop game? Do you have a tabletop game idea you've been wishing you could unleash on unwitting innocents? Drop me an email or a comment, as I think there may be a plan afoot.
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