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The rest of the weekend!

So this weekend was exhausting. I woke up 5 hours after getting back from the show and headed to my drum lesson. I got back from my drum lesson and did some food shopping, dollar store shopping, and a whole mess o' house cleaning. Irritatingly, the house still isn't all that clean. Went over to tzel's place for St. Patrick's Day potluck and got our green on.

Woke up sunday morning a little earlier than I wanted to, feeling a little tired still. I decided not to care, piped the ol' iTunes throught the AirPort, and finished the event prep, moving furniture around and zipping out for a last minute soda run.

Then it was finally time for the BPAL spree.

It has been just less than a year since we did this before, and I found that I really haven't learned anything. We still got very scent-fatigued by the end, having tried a monumental amount of imps! We did things in two rounds. The "wish list" round, and then the "giveaway" round. We went around the table and people read off their wish lists to see if anyone else had the ones they were seeking, and then we went around and tried to give stuff away. Since gorthx and orkid (who are sadly too far geographically removed to attend) had been so generous, I had a LOT of things to share.

The attendant BPAL testers were (around the table counterclockwise!): Me, salami_salome, tzel, msteleute, wasabi_poptart, traceracer, paleotheist, drivingblind, and omphaloskepsis. Ideas abounded as the day went on as to how to better handle this. I thought that next time we should have an event-specific order made where everyone contributes to the imp list, so we don't have quite so... much. Xie had developed a clever box insert made from a wacky noodle (!) for imp storage.

A side note about my house: I wish there were a few more inches so people could walk around the table.

Anyways! I have a few questions for the attendees: what are the websites/sellers where you can buy storage boxes? Not that I don't like my ragtag bunch of boxes as a solution, but maybe there's something better. Second, to Tracy, what unscented lotion do you use for mixing?

I have no actual scent reviews or comments to post at this time, except that this kind of event proves just how useless someone else's reaction to a scent can be! One person's "locker room" is another person's "pleasant floral"!

Later on the remaining smellers (and their assorted heterosexual life partners) cleansed our palates with spicy food from Chapala, which seems to have upped its prices in the time since I last visited them. But man... that was good. Then I spoke with my parents on the phone a bit, and Jack and I watched Koyaanisqatsi which I quite enjoyed, if that's the right word for it. At some point all the motion started to get to me and I actually felt a bit motion sick, but other than that I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the score and patience and thoughtfulness in moviewatching paid off.

This morning we were greeted with news of the pet food recall and things have been kind of buzzing along since then. Still sort of hating on Crystal Reports at the moment.
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