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i'm too wiped to write.

I did the Brickskeller Weds as planned. It was fun, and I was happy to see devolutionary, jwiv and bronzemountain. We even managed to come to a consensus on the issue of the landing strip, although I don't think jwiv was talking about the same thing. ;) Saw Brenda's ring, it's pretty. Although I could have lived without the ad nauseam talk about various industry news. There was something I really wanted to leave and go do the whole time, though.

Last night, Nation. I ran into an old friend from the Cam, Moira, and she seemed happy to see me. For some reason I was having one of those nights where I didn't know what to say alot. Again, the whole time I had something I wanted to leave and deal with. Eventually, I did just go since I was wearing hottie shoes and they hurt like a bitch. It was good to see vexed smiling like that.

I missed having dinner with cheetahmaster becaues I suck. But I did get to help Telf out since she was out of water for some reason in her place. And at some point I recalled that msteleute has a birthday near mine. I'm hoping she'll want to join up for joint birthday power. And we found THE CHEESE DIP.

We are SO EXCITED about THE CHEESE DIP. Anyone who wants to experience THE CHEESE DIP should talk to me.

I have been feeling very young and happy. I am also sorry that there is any kind of problem between some of my friends over time issues. I think it really does boil down to everyone missing their friends, so I hope it all calms down soon. OK, I am crampy as hell and grumpy on top of that. And weepy. I had better go heat up some leftovers and have a beer or something.
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