keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

the fucked up dream

this dream came in 2 parts. first part: i was reading my ex's journal and he put 2 things on there that freaked me out intensely. since i don't read his journal and don't care, this turned out fine. but it prepared me to be totally freaked for part 2 of the dream. part 2 involves me being in this class about neurotoxins. so, we're experimenting on these little cabbage-like plants, and we discovor that this goo we made makes these plants really violent (and suddently able to walk around, but that's beside the point). but then, suddenly i am in a hotel, and bad guys have gotten a hold of the neurotoxin and are going to flood the entire hotel with it to put everyone under their spell. we're all trying to climb up to the roof so that we can get out, because that's apparently the only way. of course, the neuro-goo is lapping at our heels, and we're watching people get drowned in it and come out all messed up and losing their humanity. we get just to the top of the roof, and the neurotoxin is about to consume us, when i wake up!

off to shower and brickskell.
Tags: dream
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