keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

friday: saw music & lyrics. cute. basically i am a sucker for drew barrymore. amused by watching our dinner plans go from cloth napkin place to food court in 2 easy steps.

saturday: drum lesson, bass amp shopping (band-related), restringing the acoustic guitar, replacement heads for my toms, going to fletcher's to see Odd Girl Out, something wild (a horrible 80s piece of crap with jeff daniels)

sunday: band practice, tenacious d & the pick of destiny (ehn, had its moments)

i guess at some point i decided my life was going to be all about music. i might have OD'ed a little this weekend though.

tonight is peril_book_club at my place. i need some fiction ideas, because my amazon wish list is not inspiring me. anyone want to recommend something suitable for a book club discussion and fictional?
Tags: band, book club, drums, movies
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