keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

ticket fiasco in the making?

So, apparently while I was busy, a rep from this PR/Marketing company posted a friendly "hello" on the Genesis boards. "We'll be taking over the official site now!" and all that.

So, 751 posts later (I stopped reading at page 14 out of 38), and not a few masked invectives (although you'd be surprised how polite Genesis fans are even when raging), and not a few mentions of other ticket fiascos and some facts are clear:

- The forum/site will be membership only, CC# required.
- To get access to North American presale ticket lottery, get the $35 membership.
- Europeans? Got guaranteed ticket blocks and no fee for presale.
- They will obliterate the old forum. They will save some of it for posterity. ???

Some less factual, but seemingly appropriate comments:
- "At least they didn't charge $100 for the presale, like they did for the Police" doesn't make very many people feel better.
- There is no law requiring a credit card number to verify someone's an adult, which is their excuse for requiring that to sign up whether you want to shell out $35 or not.
- You have a better idea of what kind of tickets you are getting from a scalper than from the presale lottery.
- UK and European fans are very sweet and willing to exclaim how unfair it is for us.

I don't know if I have any particularly strong opinions except: I think it's dumb to require anything more than an email address to sign up for a forum & website in this day and age. It was proven many times over that even porn and alcohol ordering sites require nothing more than the honor system. I am not sure how to evaluate my options for getting tickets now. Is paying through the nose to a ticket broker foolish? How do I even find one? I have never been to this kind of show, honestly, and have no idea what I'm getting into. Maybe I should just give up.
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