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Food Review: Cedar Lane Garden Vegetable Lasagna

I had high hopes for this one, since someone either here or in the WW community recommended it after my last food review post. It doesn't disappoint so much as it doesn't stand out. The lasagna is visually appealing when you take it out of the box (doesn't look mushed and fake). It appears to have enough cheese to legitimately be called lasagna. The ingredient list is totally chemical-free and readable by a layperson, which is neat! But I do kind of hate when the serving is obviously meant for one meal, but the nutrition info says "Servings Per Container: 2", making the immediate glance for calorie and fat counts slightly trickier. Of course, you are also paying a premium for organic, so this is a $5 meal.

Now to the actual eatin': I thought to myself, as I looked at the thickness of the noodles, "I'll bet these have a funny texture." And I was right. They are a bit thick and al dente, but you get over that pretty quick. The cheese, despite being lowfat, is tasty and the sauce is terrific. Now, if you are already a veggie fan, this will be a no-brainer for you. I thought the veggies were going to be... masked well. And they are, to some extent. But the zucchini, while diced pretty small, is noticeably vegetabley, and could be a turnoff.

All in all, while this is reasonably tasty and entirely edible, my experience with the Amy's lasagna was a better one.

(3 WW pts for half the box and 6 pts for the whole box.)
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