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clocks, and some weekend movie reviews

Somehow I have come to the conclusion that knowing what time it is, all the time, is the way to make the best use of time. So when I was thinking about how to track how much time I was practicing drumming, I went out and bought the digital clock with HUGE DIGITS to place directly across from where I sit at the drum kit. And I just came to the same conclusion about working out, and am wondering if I should just get one of those clocks in every room of the house. I wonder if I'm just making myself more uptight though! It seems like a really uptight thing to do.

This weekend was a pile of lazy. Friday night we went to see Ghost Rider with cheetahmaster and maroonmd. OK, I had a fun time. Somewhere about 3/4 of the way through, the dialogue went from funny-cheesy to terrible. My interest definitely waned from the scene on top of the building onward. Weirdly, it was after this point that Eva Mendes' character became in any way useful. Anyways, it was fun.

Saturday I woke up feeling like a ball of kittens had a party in the back of my throat. Intrepidly, I went on with my day and pretty much felt completely OK apart from my throat being dry and scratchy. Drum lesson was good. Am learning some 6/8 stuff. Then gaming session, where I ate like I'd never seen food before, and tried to handle my character being harassed by 9 ghosts, lacking coping skills for a homicide she prepetrated in an earler session, and getting set up by her sister. In the good way. This game has so much chewable scenery!

Later on Jack made chili and fancymcsnazsnaz, sonicage, and their kid came over for movies. Only we decided to watch Bullshit! instead. I sent them off with three books and a bunch of DVDs, and it was awesome to just chill out. I always feel like I have to keep everyone 100% entertained when they are in my house and it makes me act like a weirdo.

Sunday was one-hundred-percent lazy. I begged off band practice due to the aforementioned throatkittens. Good, since driving around would have been a nightmare in all that lovely snow. I parked myself in front of the TV and watched my much-neglected netflix choices while watching people who are crazy slide around on the roads out the front door.

Item #1 was 49 Up, the latest installment in the 7 Up series, which was really moving. It really does elevate ordinary life into something to marvel at. I still can't recommend it enough. I watched the Ebert interview afterwards which was at times insipid and inspiring. When he started talking about what might happen if one of the subjects died, well. You can imagine. It makes it look good to be about to turn 50 though.

Item #2 was Greendale, a film by Neil Young. It is entirely composed of actors mouthing the words to the songs that Neil has laid over the film. The songs which, uh, kind of suck. And are repetitive. And long. I played Bejeweled half the time this movie was on. The plot was... slightly incoherent. As an art film, I am not sure I would rate it highly either. I think the answer is that I could have enjoyed the whole thing about one thousand times more if I liked the songs better. And I'm a huge Neil Young fan! So, my thought is that it's just a touch self-indulgent.

Item #3 was Underworld, borrowed from CM. This was more fun to watch than Night Watch, although I would like to lodge a complaint that the vampires are so useless. They hardly ever do vampire stuff! There were too many guns! Our heroine spends the entire movie being 2 steps behind everyone until she does something effective! Her outifts, while yes, very skintight, were silly! But despite all this it was a fun thing to watch on a snowed-in-sickly sunday afternoon. And further proof that Bill Nighy is always awesome.

Then we switched to the Oscars. Everyone already knows that the comedians stole the show. Ellen was pretty funny. I didn't care who won anything. I'm still not going to see the Departed, because I don't care. The end.
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