keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

I realized last night that Neil Peart should really record audiobooks of his various travel books because the cadence and timbre of his voice is beautiful.

I worked on my song last night and it was very frustrating.

Then I made a big ol' pot of (super!)mac n cheese & joined the legions of AI watchers on our respective couches.

I liked AJ Tabaldo, Blake (beatbox guy), Brandon Rogers, Chris Sligh (duh!!!), Phil Stacey, and Sanjaya.

The guy from Chesapeake that they erroneously compare to JT: I like that he's my hometown boy, but he kind of stunk.

Sundance: I wish you blew us away on a Moody Blues tune, dude, but you... didn't. Sad.

Mostly last night proved that you should kick off your time on the AI live shows with something FUCKING UPBEAT OKAY.
Tags: tv
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