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ok, these sony in-ear headphones are the first headphones to actually give me the impression that i am getting a noticeably better quality of sound. i just heard some stuff in PG's 'this is the picture' i don't think i'd heard before.

i just finished this excellent new yorker article about the enron scandal. if you are the kind of person who like to think about thinking, don't just scroll by assuming it's totally boring and financial. and you'll want this article on the V-1 rocket for reference, if you're not already a rocket buff.

i am at work. it seems like everyone else got the day off, and half my department is in Vegas. i could have gone had i volunteered, but i can't tell you how glad i am NOT to be standing around in a booth today worrying about my red-eye flight.

this part of the world needs to stop being covered in ice. stat.
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